1. How to Enter- Types of Entry

Race Entry
Entries must be completed by Friday, May 4th 2018.

•       How to enter
Enter now:

•       Types of entry:

Entries are divided into:

a. Individual entries; made by each person separately. To receive your bib package, you must demonstrate your identity card or passport, as well as proof that you are entitled to any discount (student card/ unemployment card/ school ID/ military ID), and the deposit slip for the participation fee.

If collecting a bib package for another runner, please bring a photocopy of their identity card or passport.

Underage runners who are participating individually must bring an identity card to the Registration Centre, together with a consent form from their guardian, in order to receive their bib package.

b. Group entries, of 5 persons or more, without limitation on the selection of races. Group entries are for sports clubs, runners’ clubs, gyms, companies, schools, private and public organizations, travel agencies, or simply groups of friends wishing to participate as a team. The discount granted for group entries is 25% of the total fee. A group captain must be appointed for such groups; the captain may also be a runner. In any case, the group captain represents the team before the organizers.

When receiving bib packages for the team, the group captain must demonstrate his/her identity card, and the deposit slip(s) proving payment of the team’s fees. If the captain is unable to collect the packages, the organizers must be notified of his/her replacement; the replacement captain must also demonstrate his/her identity card, and the deposit slip(s) proving payment of the team’s fees.

If the team includes any underage runners, the (replacement) captain must also demonstrate consent forms signed by their guardians, in order to receive their bib packages.
As regards group entries for schools, the group captain must submit a list of participating students officially signed and stamped by the school, as well as consent forms signed by the students’ guardians.

Cost of Entry

The cost of entry in the Amorgos Trail Challenge Races is shown in the following table:
Cost of basic bib package and race entry







Spike & 19 km




Spike & 5,5 km





* The discount package is for unemployed persons, students, members of the Armed Forces, who must send the organizers a copy of their relevant identity by fax or email after submitting their entry form.
The student fee is valid for students up to 30 years of age.
** Free entry for schools is valid only subject to a group entry by their school, accompanied by release forms signed by their guardians, and only for the 5.5 km race.

Contents of bib package and race benefits

Basic package

Amorgos Trail Challenge commemorative gift, bib, electronic timing chip, medal, medical services.

Method of payment
a. By bank deposit
Piraeus Bank
Beneficiary: Despoina Giannakopoulou
ΙΒAN: GR10 0171 1530 0061 5301 0044 165
PLEASE NOTE: For a valid entry, please deposit the relevant amount immediately after completing the entry form. Please state your full name on the deposit slip.
REFUNDS – CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations will be accepted only by written request, and only up to May 10th, 2018. No cancellation requests shall be accepted thereafter.

Healthcare Coverage

Runners participate under their exclusive responsibility.

The organizers shall not be held liable for any event or incident caused by the lack of a preventative health check-up.

Participants are encouraged to undergo medical examinations prior to the races. The organizers shall not request the submission of medical certificates, since all participants will race under their own exclusive responsibility, and underage participants will race under the responsibility of their guardians, in accordance with the relevant signed release form.

Refreshment Stations

Spike: at the start/finish line
19 km: four refreshment stations, at km 6, 10, 12 & 16
5.5 km: one refreshment station at km 3.5
At the Finish Line: all runners will receive water, juice, a banana.
Medical support will be available at the start and finish line.