The Cyclades Trail Cup was established as an umbrella for the efforts of individual organizers in the Cyclades, for the creation of a series of trail running races with a common vision. The objective of the races is to promote the location in which they are held, and develop sports tourism as a whole.

The Cyclades Trail Cup took place for the first time in year 2016 and included three islands (Tinos, Syros and Andros) and 600 runners from Greece and abroad. Besides the purely sporting events it included, the Cup was able to promote the cultural and environmental heritage of the Cycladic islands, bringing runners to remote villages and their inhabitants, and introducing participants to the local gastronomy.

In year 2017, the Cyclades Trail Cup already includes six races, in Naxos, Amorgos, Syros, Andros, Donousa and Tinos. Read more about the Cup and its races at